UDAPTOR allows you to port your data from existing services to new ones in 3 simple steps:



Use our Knowledge Base or Data Access Assistant to get the data which you already have from services



UDAPTOR is developing A Data Portability System that will allow to perform conversions between Data Collections. Learn more here



The company of your choice can get your data to provide you with their best service from day-0. See detailed examples in our case studies

Case studies: understand by example

We are building a Platform to make seamless and secure data transfers, for both people and businesses

Google Translate for Data – it's the Data Portability System: it is able to convert collections of files from one format to another. In more complex terms it automates the creation and execution of ETL pipelines that are able to convert data, taking into consideration semantics and structure of the data. The other parts of the Platform are addressing some other common problems like:

- Data Literacy and Data Awareness
- Data Access

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the data coming from?

The data that we are working with is provided to users by companies accordding to Data Access and Data Portability Rights. These rights are given to people by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and every Data Controller is obliged to provide the data to their users.

How can I get the access to my data?

You need to exercise your Data Access or Data Portability right. Normally you would have to go through a non-trivial process of sending an official request, but you also can check up our Knowledge Base or Data Access Assistant.

What exactly are you doing with the data?

The only thing that we are doing with users data is converting the format: we change the schema and semantics of the data, so that the new service where the user wants to bring the data can utilize it right away. Our systems are build in a way that as soon as the transfer happened the data is deleted automatically!

Do you have access to all my data?

The code that converts the format of the users' data is runned automatically and (as mentioned in the previous question) it deletes the data right after. Files are never opened by a human or by any program.

Why should I trust you?

Becuase we are transparent about our motivation, ambitions and business model. The code that serves the users data (will be soon) open sourced, therefore the community can guarantee that no dubious things will happen with users data.

Who is eligible for your solution?

Anyone who can exersise the Data Access and Data Portability right: they are guaranteed to the EU citizens and residents, but in a lot of cases companies guarantee those rights to all of their users.

Why the service is free?

Because our business model is B2B: we charge companies a small fee per each of the data transaction: we outsource the Data Engineering for the companies, so that they can focus more on delivering a good experience for you.

Doesn’t Facebook or Google have something similar?

They do! Data Transfer project is an initiative supported by many BigTech companies, but we believe that (a) there is much space in this field, so we can suggest our own independent solution; (b) there is definitely a better way to provide Data Interoperability; and (c) companies who support and develop it are the interested parties.

I have another question which is not listed here.

Just shoot us an email here. Or DM us on our blog page.

“A denial of access to data can qualify as
an abuse of market power under current
law, and in principle, data access can be
mandated in such cases” 
Report by the Commission ‘Competition Law 4.0’


Our product works with personal data. From the very beginning we agreed on the following principles to minimize risks and to maximize thrust for our users.


We follow the best security practices while dealing with data


We never store or analyze your data, our only goal is to transfer your data to where you want


We asses and verify receiver’s side to make sure that there is no hidden transfers of your data anywhere


For people our service will be free forever: we charge companies per each user who decided to switch

A little about us
(it’s actually more about transparency)

We are 2 people that have been researching and developing a Platform for end-to-end Data Portability since March 2019. We see our mission in giving people more control over their personal data by providing them with the ability to switch between service providers with just a few clicks. In the near future UDAPTOR will become a transparent people-oriented Data Trustee or Data Intermediary. We want to work closely with regulatory and research institutions towards building a secure, homogeneous and people-oriented data transfer environment within the European Union and across all sectors.

So, here we are! Feel free to shoot any question to us!

Evgeny Pozdeev


Fernando Stefanini



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